Thursday, February 21, 2013

Patient With Arch Asymmetry, Crowded Teeth, and Bilateral Posterior Crossbite Was Treated by Dr Nguyen

Perfectly symmetrical faces are very rare to find.  Even in individual patient with symmetrical face has skeletal asymmetry; this suggests that soft tissues minimize the existing asymmetry.  Therefore small asymmetries are considered normal.  When arch asymmetries become significant, it should be considered in planning for orthodontic treatments.  Most dental asymmetries can be treated with orthodontics alone during patient’s growth period; however, significant asymmetries may require later orthognathic surgical treatments.

Shown below is a patient with severe arch asymmetry, teeth are very crowded, posterior crossbite on both sides were treated by Dr Nguyen during patient’s growth period without surgical intervention

Dental Crossbite, Arch Asymmetry

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